AITS KADAPA respects and pays devotion to the Indian traditions. The very first Hindu festival “Ugadi” is celebrated on Chaitra shudda Padyami in Chaitra masam every year. In this regard this festival is celebrated in advance as “TRADITIONAL DAY” in AITS College Auditorium. This occasion is started at 10:00 A.M on 21st MARCH at auditorium. The auditorium and all main entrance of institute are decorated with beautiful rangoli, mango leaves and marigold garlands & all faculty members and students are assembling as traditional fashion.

The event is started by lighting the lamps by vice chairman Sri C. YELLA REDDY garu and Dr. A. Sudhakar Reddy, principal, AITS, Kadapa and pooja is done by the hindu priest. Though, some of faculty & Staff are from other religion, they too attended in their traditional wear. All are respect each other’s customs and their respective traditional believes. Unity in Diversity is visualized in AITS college.

The priest distributed the Ugadi Pachadi, it was delicious and it was the combination of six tastes and each taste resembled one health sign.

Afterwards, Principal sir and all Hod’s addressed the gathering and conveyed Ugadi wishes to all the staff members and students.

Dr. A Sudhakara Reddy, Principal, delivered his speech about “how important the Ethics and Human-values role playing in the society apart from education”.

Later on, cultural events are started with traditional dances & Skits by all department students and the program was ended with soft snacks at 12:45 PM.

Annamacharya Educational Trust was founded in the year 1997 by C.Gangi Reddy that offers quality-driven education to the rural youth. The rural area is affluent in talent, but for the dearth of educational facilities. This talent has to be channelized for the prosperity for the society and growth of the country in large.

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