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6th Patent approval of AITS Engineering College Professor

6th Patent approval of AITS Engineering College Professor

We are glad to announce that Dr D Krishna Mohan Raju, Professor of Mechanical Engineering department, AITS Rajampet got another patent in the automotive field.

Patent title: An Improved Air Suspension System

Patent details: 6th patent (Number – 330216) approval of the professor within short span of 2 years.

Field: Vehicle Suspension System

Innovation details:Due to this, the vibration in the vehicle will get reduced to 1/5th when compared to the conventional air suspension devices used in the present day vehicles.The telescopic hydraulic cylinder placed between the wheel axle and chassis and connected to high pressure air storage cylinder in the device directly brings down the air pressure raise to only 0.5% whereas in the present air suspension it is about 30% to 50%. The specialty of the device is that by using this suspension device in the high speed trains (450kmph) there will not be any need to lay special tracks (10 times more costly) for the high speed trains and the existing rail tracks can be used successfully for operating the high speed trains.
Congratulated by: ChoppaGangireddy, Chairman DR. C. Ramachandra Reddy, Vice Chairman ChoppaYella Reddy, Executive Director Sri ChoppaAbhisheik, HOD Mechanical Dr.AHemanth Kumar.


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