Why Do I Choose Annamacharya Institute?

Why Do I Choose Annamacharya Institute?

The Institute provides a rich, varied and vibrant community of adult learners with engineering education that lays the roadmap for lifelong learning to all its students and the professors too.

The Institute proudly offers students with the opportunity to transform themselves into career professionals aimed at creating positivity and contribute constructive change in the society and country as a whole.

The Institute provides an effective and helpful learning environment that helps the students apply practically their expertise in engineering.

The strategic plan

Scaling up under graduate education by introducing new, innovative and time relevant courses keeping in view demand and supply situation by implementing regular revision of curricula.

Also, the ever changing syllabi to keep pace with the emerging trends in science and technology. Indeed, the Institute is equipped with Research Center in ECE department sanctioned by JNTU Ananthapur and scholars in ECE are also allotted to this research centers.p>

Also, the college is intended to establish research centers of this kind in every Engineering Department by fulfilling the existing criteria.

Implementation of a well-defined and time bound plan of cooperation with the networked institutions / industries and open up avenues for collaborative research with Institution of importance and Universities abroad.

Annamacharya’s Core Values

Are you interested in the design and prototyping of computing hardware and software? If yes, then this specialization is just for you. The CSE specialization focuses on a wide variety of topics that include analysis of algorithms, programming languages, program design, software, and computer hardware.

The institute’s core values are of immense importance, these values help the institute stand apart from other colleges. Let’s take a deeper insight into the institute’s core values and what they actually imply.

Passion for Quality Education

The stake holders of the institute particularly management, employees and students of the institution have a consistent thirst for quality improvement of the processes and services in the institution.

Life Time Education

In this fast change technological world, acquiring a special skill and knowledge d then putting an end is not just enough. The institute’s life time learning approach helps its student to listen and embrace all sorts of learning and structures.

Hence to flourish in the work place and to bring in innovations in the ways of doing, employee, student as well as alumni must be continuous learners and tech savvy.

Diversity and Participation

The institute promotes the involvement of faculty, staff, teachers, professors, and students from all types of background to get the synergy of combining and attaining a rich work culture or environment.

The focus is on involving students to exhibit their talent in various curricular and co-curricular activities and strengthening alumni link to share their experiences to the students.

Academic Integrity and Accountability

Management induces accountability in the employees for the career of the students and the academic leadership establishes a mentoring mechanism for realization of responsibilities of students towards their parents and in turn to the society.

The institute has all major branches of engineering and also has post graduate courses like M.B.A. Electronics and Communication Engineering etc.

These courses are well-supported through labs and huge library with all sorts of relevant books. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Computer Science Engineering (CSE)
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)
  • Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  • Civil Engineering
  • Humanities and Science
  • M.B.A

The Institute strives to educate and prepare professionals to be effective and ethical managers and leaders in the fields of engineering sciences.

Annamacharya Educational Trust was founded in the year 1997 by C.Gangi Reddy that offers quality-driven education to the rural youth. The rural area is affluent in talent, but for the dearth of educational facilities. This talent has to be channelized for the prosperity for the society and growth of the country in large.

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