Kadapa – A Place of Exceptional Architecture and Serene Atmosphere

Kadapa – a place of exceptional architecture and serene atmosphere

Kadapa, the home for uranium deposits in the world, offers picturesque view with Nallamala Hills and Palkonda Hills surrounding it. Being the heart of the Rayalaseema region, the city enjoys a special place in the history books. One of the most prominently growing cities in the southern regions of Andhra Pradesh, Kadapa derives its name from the Telugu word ‘Gadapa’ which means a threshold or a gate.

With a rich historical footprint and cultural heritage spanning centuries, the city serves as a reminiscence of the empire of the Chola’s, Kakatiyas, Vijayanagara kings and also the British. Ruled by different kingdoms from 11th to 20th century, Kadapa has been governed by diversified doctrines. The influences of various cultures are still found in the city and its lifestyle.

The city has rich arts and crafts base as well. Shilparamam, which is a small crafts village close to the city, stands as a monument in testament for this.

With Kadapa’s proximity to the other major South Indian cities, it makes it a stopping ground for tourists, intending to visit various attractions. It is an important tourist destination and has some very interesting places to visit. Let’s dive into this mystically beautiful city that is enjoying its adolescence, through this blog!

Gandikota Fort

Did you know that India has its own Grand Canyon?

Gandikota, which is situated on the Pennar river, is the Grand Canyon of India. This Great Canyon plays a vital role in the history. The medieval fort of Gandikota which is situated here is named after the adjoining gorge; as the Telugu word for gorge is Gandi.

The fort, also called the Arizona of India, is built in such a way that the gorge provides a natural defence on its north and west sides. It is surrounded by the deep valley and impassable hills with massive boulders of red granite and the River Pennar.

The spectacular gorge and the Gandikota fort are a must visit!


Also known as second Hampi, Pushpagiri is prominent for several temples and pilgrimages. According to the early inscriptions, the Chennakesava Temple, which is one of the largest and best known among the temples, dates back to the 1298 AD. The dancing Vinayaka and Krishna preaching the Bhagavad.

There are eight temples on the hill together called as Pushpagiri temple,viz., Kasi Viswanatha, Rangaswami, Vaidhyanatha, Trikoteswara, Bhimeswara, Indranateswara, Kamalasambhaveswara and Kesava Swamy in one court. The pushpagiri temple comprising eight temples together has very fine sculptural details.

Geetha to Arjuna are remarkable pieces of art.

Annamacharya Statue

Kadapa’s Rajampet has the distinction of being the birthplace of Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya, an ardent devotee of Lord Venkateshwara. He was an Indian poet and musician widely regarded as the Telugu pada kavita pitaamaha (Grand old man of simple poetry).

His wife, sons and grandchildren were all born poets who continued their writings in the footsteps of Annamacharya. Kadapa district’s name is glorified by the efforts of ‘Tallapaka Poets’.

Mariyapuram Church

One of the beautiful churches to visit in Kadapa is the Mariyapuram church. The carvings on the wall and tranquil environment makes the church a must visit monument. The major attraction of this church is the prayer which is held at every Sunday.

Kodandarama Swamy Temple

Kadapa is a place of historical and cultural importance and is home to a 450-year old temple of Bhagawan Sree Rama known as the Sri Kodandarama Swamy temple. The temple was constructedis one single day by 2 devotees who were once burglars. After constructing the temple, they sacrificed their lives and turned into statues.

The significance of this temple is that it is the only place in India where the Sree Seeta Rama kalyanam will be held in the night.

Sri Lakshmi Venkateshwara Swamy Temple

The temple is historically known as the gateway to the temple of Venkateshwara, the presiding deity of Tirumala. It stands as an outstanding example of the Vijayanagara architecture. The very sight of the temple, with great sculptures and carvings adorning it, takes you back to the Vijayanagara Era.

AITS, Rajampet

Under the auspices of Annamacharya Educational Trust, the Annamacharya Institute of Technology & Sciences, Rajampet, was founded in the year 1998. The institute imparts futuristic technical education and instils high patterns of discipline.

During the admissions season, students from various parts of the country throng the institute for admissions. AITS, Rajampet, has made Kadapa a destination for education.

The campus is all set to celebrate its 20th anniversary with various technical symposia, expos, art exhibition, spot events and cultural activities.

Brahmamgari matam, Veeranjneya Swamy Temple, Ameen Peer Dargah, Soumyanatha Swamy Temple, Jama Masjid are some of the other famous places to visit in Kadapa.

Annamacharya Educational Trust was founded in the year 1997 by C.Gangi Reddy that offers quality-driven education to the rural youth. The rural area is affluent in talent, but for the dearth of educational facilities. This talent has to be channelized for the prosperity for the society and growth of the country in large.

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