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The Role of SaaS

The Role of SaaS

The evolution of SaaS

The advent of SaaS has effectively removed barriers paving way for the entry of new IT companies in the software space. This software-as-a-service (SaaS) licensing model has created waves world over. The rise of technology meant businesses, enterprises and IT companies are wielding control over large parts of the economy expanding their service offerings. From email server to the app streaming favorite songs, SaaS is impacting the lives of businesses and consumers and enables them lease a specific piece of software from a third-party provider, who distributes it over a network connection, most frequently the Internet.

What is ‘SaaS’?

‘SaaS’, a part of cloud computing, is a software application service delivery model in which access to the software is given on the basis of subscription, with the software being positioned on external servers.

How does SaaS work?

A company’s vendor builds a web-based software application, hosts and runs that application over the Internet for use by its customers who log into the system using a username and password. Technologically, it is a perfect model that empowers users to access a specific software through the cloud. The users do not have to buy software licenses to avail this software. Nor any extra infrastructure equipment is needed to operate this software.

What does SaaS feature?

The SaaS is a set software containing

SaaS Benefits and Adoption

SaaS offers numerous benefits such as scheduling events, tracking leads, automating sign up, managing transactions, auditing, and more.

It is being used widely by businesses in customer retention management, human resources and procurement. Specifically, it has facilitated increased competition through eliminating upfront costs that may have stopped smaller enterprises from accessing critical software. Further, it obviates the need to spend unnecessarily on servers and storage devices and other equipment.

This SaaS model suits specific business processes, in particular those that require high volumes of data. Now, advanced enterprise applications such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), Google Analytics, and customer relationship management (CRM) are very much affordable for those small software and business organizations that are devoid of resources to buy, deploy and manage the needed infrastructure.

Existing trends in outsourcing, general industry growth, coupled with lower security and operational control risks resulted in the enhanced adoption of SaaS delivery models. Third-party applications hosts, pure play SaaS software companies, and the Internet technology providers are reaping the benefits of increased SaaS adoption.

SaaS Benefits and Adoption

SaaS provides effective SaaS business solutions like:

Office 365

It is perceived to be a SaaS solution and comes with an online version of MS Office suite together with Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, and Lync Server. It is more convenient for businesses and individuals who are familiar with office applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It has the capability to make workers at workplaces more productive.


It is an important CRM system usually used to handle the sales process, moving someone from a lead to prospect, and lastly to a customer. It enables one to oversee the information pertaining to their link with the business.

G Suite

It is a Cloud Version of Microsoft Office with reduced functionalities. It is ideal for the budding entrepreneurs who have budget constraints. It is studded with most of the features of Offices such as email, spreadsheets, word processor, and so on. The advantage with it is that a large number of users can log onto the same document and make desired changes at the same time.


It is the earliest consumer-grade cloud storage solutions on the Internet and has capability to save photos and files, and connect them across all devices irrespective of the Operating System one is running. Besides, it retrieves the deleted data and provides encryption options with cutting-edge user permission management. It helps in avoiding making unnecessary investments in software and infrastructure.

Conclusion: ‘SaaS’ is a preferred choice for businesses across the world on the parameters of flexibility, scalability and affordability. It has the power to build new opportunities and different kinds of relationship between customers and vendors to the mutual benefit of both sides.


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