MBA or M Tech after Engineering?

MBA or M Tech after Engineering?

If you are pursuing the final year of your engineering, there are chances that you must have started accumulating resources to prepare yourself for your MBA entrance examinations. While it is very acceptable for our society to see students jump from Engineering to B-School campuses, have you done your research to find out if MBA after Engineering is a good option?

Pursuing an MBA after Engineering has become a trend among the engineers. As a matter of fact, most of the toppers of management entrance exams like CAT, MAT and XAT are usually engineers. So, what relevance does an MBA have to these highly technical skills of a professional Engineer? Is there a need for Engineers to pursue MBA? Read on to find out.

Often, due to herd mentality or peer pressure, there are chances that you might end up pursuing an MBA after engineering without actually knowing if it is a good option. Sometimes, halfway through your engineering course, you lose interest in the subject and decide to go for an MBA instead. However, are these reasons convincing?


So, should Engineers get an MBA degree? Well, the answer is – it depends. It depends on an individual, his/her interest and their career goals. Before you decide, the first step is to take into account your past career experiences and make a well-thought decision about your future career goals. If your ultimate goal is to manage a group of people, you may consider doing an MBA. The most important question while evaluating your career goals is to find out how much you wish to get involved with business-oriented functions in the company that you are likely to work for.

While an engineering degree gives you the technical knowledge that you need, an MBA program will give you more exposure to business and management related issues. It adds strategic and qualitative skills to your analytical capability, making you a perfect choice for any employer.

If you plan to run a business of your own, then an MBA really makes sense. It will help to understand the fundamentals of business that supplements the technical side. An MBA will help you become great in finding technical solutions to the problem keeping the business principles in mind. It will enable you to handle a wide spectrum of situations related to business.

So, when is M-tech a better career choice? If you excel in the technical subjects and want to gain more understanding on the subject, this is the right path to follow. This specialization course allows you to hone your technical skills and gives you the vantage of in-depth technical knowledge over your MBA counterparts. While managerial posts are quite alluring, do not forget that the important post of Chief Technical Officer which has less competition, has an important say in almost all the important decisions taken by a company.

Having discussed the merits and demerits of MBA and M-tech, we believe you will now find it easy to choose the career option that is best for you.

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