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How Augmented Realty is going to change the future?

How Augmented Realty is going to change the future?

What strengthens the case of Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality, perceived to be the future technology, is changing the way people see and learn from their environs, and is transforming companies’ business models. It has become a crucial part of human lives. Devices utilized for Augmented Reality are mostly those of a camera, a computer, a process, and a screen.

At the same time, it is revered as the low-cost technology that improves user experiences in e-Learning. Augmented Reality apps are progressing at a rapid pace as they give enterprises a different edge that draws customers. It has changed the appearance of smartphone apps and gaming. Companies like Apple and Google are pouring in huge amounts of capital into Augmented Reality.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

AR is the assimilation of digital information with live video and the user’s location in actual time. . It identifies a visual picture, combines new information, and exhibits the virtual outcome. All this process takes in real time, producing awesome experiences.

Applications of AR Software

AR Software has wide applications covering training, work and consumer applications in different areas like public safety, healthcare, tourism, gas and oil, and marketing. Coupled with this, AR has its usage in museum installations, like the Bones and Skin Exhibits at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. it enables visitors use a smartphone app to envision the skins over the animal skeletons on display.

Augmented Reality (AR) has a large number of utilization cases. It has the capability to alter the world in different ways such as


AR in the educational industry could trigger huge changes in the way children learn. With the assistance of 3D models, it becomes easier for students to understand complex information besides developing broad understanding of topics.

Attending extensive training programs on handling modern equipment of AR will open up a sea of job opportunities for students. Gameplay Engineers, 3D-Content Coordinators, Interaction Designers, VR Game Designers, Design Technologists, Augmented Reality App Designers, and Oculus Developers.

Real Estate

Augmented Reality (AR) is a marketing tool for selling a real estate property. It uses interactive computer-built images that enable the buyers to visualize the finished property while the construction is in progress. The advantage of AR technology in the real estate business is that it can change each of the 2D models, for example, blueprints and photos into 3D models for purchasers to effortlessly cooperate with.


Internet Shopping is gradually assuming control over the customary method for shopping. Augmented Reality advancing in online shopping business has the potential to drive potential purchasers towards web-based shopping. Besides, real estate marketers will find online shopping more convenient to display their product catalogues with up-to-date information.

AR glasses will show all the pricing, product specifications, and design that will be convenient for the buyers while shopping.


Travel industry is yet another sector that could bring in new changes. AR-built applications pertaining to mobile phones will catch the attention of tourists and will enable them explore surrounding attractions, translate boards and signs immediately into their native languages.

This technology will unravel 3D models of tourist spots and take tourists back in time and demonstrating them the evolution brought with time. Thus, AR not only creates fun, but promotes learning among travelers too.


AR has already forced its way into the healthcare and pharmacy sectors to save a bunch of lives. With AR, doctors are not necessitated to perform surgeries through endoscopic camera. Instead they can wear smart glasses that will showcase all the relevant information while they are conducting the surgery.

Conclusion: Augmented Reality has the potential to be a transformational technology and it is going to give impetus to more industries than what are mentioned above. Given its wide prevalence in different industries like entertainment and automotive, entertainment, educational tourist, real estate sectors and at workplaces, it is presaged that more number of industries are willing to switch over to this feature.


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