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Engineers skills aligned with industry 4.0

Engineers skills aligned with industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 Framework is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing which has lead to another round of industrial revolution.

Industry 4.0 or (Industries 4.0 in German) is a German government initiative strongly focused on empowering Germany to create smart factories. Smart factories are built for Smart Manufacturing and have abilities to solve existing and future problems with help of solutions that can be applied speedily adding value to lives of people.

Based on Cyber-Physical Production Systems, it integrates computation, networking, and physical processes. The Embedded systems and networks monitor and control the actual processes minimizing the complications, performing speedy jobs, providing feedback where physical processes affect computations. The assignment of an IP address permits system control and monitors them online in real-time.

Various Industries using 4.0 technologies are expected to converge and create smart products, procedures and processes making smart factories being capable of manufacturing efficiently and handling complexity and commotion.

Nine pillars of 4.0 Framework

Industries are focusing on automation for improved customer experience by innovation in production using the 4.0 Framework.

Engineer’s Skills Required

Big Data

Acquiring types of data, generating value from it and analyzing it to cultivate the culture of continuous improvements in life cycle of products and decision making.

Autonomous Robots

Digital factories are our future, inseparable from the robots. They improve productivity, maintain quality and lowered costs of manufacturing.


Replacing conventional methods of industry by the improved connectivity through network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors helping data exchange.


They support the actual implementation; simulations being constructed modular suffice the implementation requirements to build unique features.

Augmented Realty

AR in manufacturing will help in complex assembly, machine maintenance, quality assurance, automation and support.

Additive Manufacturing

Technologies that build 3D objects are now delivering speedily, boosting the production and easing it.

Cloud Computing

Helps data storage, real-time use of it and data interpretation providing continuous machine learning.

Cyber Security

Of its data and exchanged information for automation.

System Integration

It secures the success of digital transformation through knowledge of the processes for production.

The information has advantages of Big Data increasing the connectivity affecting the traditional manufacturing processes simultaneously opening new realm of possibilities in industrial automation. Industrial Internet of things (IoT) or Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing manufacturing by enabling data acquisition and accessibility to live much efficiently than ever.

This German origin concept of Industry 4.0 will build huge Smart factories with the help of skilled Engineers who can work in context with the framework for the future of production and high quality products.

Today’s Engineers enthusiastically follow the innovations with intention to create Engineering Wonders irrespective of its branches IT, Mechanical, Electrical etc. Eg. The machine tool industry is completely under the pressure to cope up with demand maintaining the quality at reduced costs; Lakshmi Machine Works (LMW) is one such company which promotes their latest products every year in trade exhibition conducted in Chennai’s Ambattur Industrial Estate Manufacturers Association.


Annamacharya Educational Trust was founded in the year 1997 by C.Gangi Reddy that offers quality-driven education to the rural youth. The rural area is affluent in talent, but for the dearth of educational facilities. This talent has to be channelized for the prosperity for the society and growth of the country in large.

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